AgroSouz is one of the leading companies producing snacks including sunflower and pumpkin seeds, peanuts and natural brittle under Stanichnye, Golden Gift, Tambovsky Volk, Prosto Vkusnye, Arevik and Granulla trademarks.


The company was founded in February 2003. Our mission is producing foods to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers who prefer fast, quality and natural snacks.

We take pride in our achievements repeatedly awarded at prestigious Russian and foreign exhibitions.

To date, Russian distribution network of AgroSouz covers 52 regions of Central and Southern Russia, the Urals and the Far East. World distribution of our products involves over 20 countries, including the EU, Israel, USA and Canada.

Our Achievements

Seed production
Producing a quality product is easy, you only need to fulfill two conditions:
  • Love what you do
  • Clearly follow the production technology
  • We successfully fulfill both of them!

    We monitor the quality of our products starting from the raw material cultivation stage. You will find only identical, pure and large seeds with unique taste and flavor in our small packages. Benefits and taste for your health!

    To preserve their excellent taste, we use innovative high-barrier packaging, for all the nutrients, flavor and taste to be preserved as if the seeds have just been roasted for you!

    Business footprint
    You will find our products in almost any big store of the world.