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ProdExpo 2016

The event of the Year in the food sphere — the largest European exhibition gathered together the producers in 23rd time in Central Exhibition Complex “Expocentre” in Moscow. "PRODEXPO -2016" : it is more than 100 000 sq.m. of exhibition space, about 2 000 participants from 65 countries and 27 national showrooms. There were only the best and only successful enterprises. The "Agrosoyuz" company is a permanent participant!

From 8 to 12 February the "Stanichnye" team was glad to see the existing suppliers and new potential partners in their showroom. There were numerous presentations and valuable exchange of experience and proposals. The working week passed at one go.

The most important results of the exhibition were the visitors’ reviews.

Tamir (a commercial director of the distribution company, Kazakhstan): "Bright, stylish and cozy showroom. Delicious products. Highly qualified staff. I hope for a long-term cooperation. These seeds we need! "

Marina (a representative of the distributor, Vologda): "We are cooperating for a long time. About 4 years. I want to say that the quality of the seeds is excellent! And there is a nice bonus — gold in the packages."

Vladimir (the visitor of the exhibition): "A stylish package and a variety of forms. I could not get past. "

"Sevastopol, Sevastopol — THE CITY OF THE RUSSIAN SAILORS..."

July 26 is the day of the Russian Navy. For Sevastopol this holiday means, perhaps, even more than the City Day. After all, the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet is located in Sevastopol, and the Sevastopol’s bay serves as the base for dozens of Russian ships. Every year on July 26 a grand celebration is held here, which involves not only the residents of the city but the thousands of tourists.

The"Stanichnye" took part in this wonderful celebration July 26, 2015. Girls and boys dressed in T-shirts with the image of a sunflower were giving bright flags to passers-by and the selected seeds "Stanichnye" were given free.

Crimea 9 MAY 2015

For the Crimeans the Victory Day is an important and favorite holiday. During the Great Patriotic War this small part of Russian land experienced many battles and troubles of war. And since that time 9 May is celebrated in Crimea with a special celebration and joy.

The "Stanichnye" joined the festivities in Simferopol, Sevastopol and Kerch on the 70th anniversary of the Victory. Girls in colorful T-shirts with St. George ribbons congratulated the Crimeans with the Victory Day and tasty seeds were given free.

Heading east! "Stanichnye" has presented their products at the largest exhibition in China

The 117th Canton Fair took place in China from 15 April to 4 May. The Canton Fair is a unique event. A continuous history, high level organization, immensity, a great variety of offered products, the widespread presence of overseas consumers and the greatest business turnover in China are the main distinctive features of the Canton Fair. 48 commercial missions consisting of more than twenty-four trade corporations (enterprises) with a good reputation and significant financial capabilities usually take part in the Canton Fair. These commercial missions include foreign trade companies, factories, scientific research offices, joint ventures, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, private enterprises and so on.

A great interest among the visitors was caused by the "Stanichnye" products. "The production has been evaluated especially for its naturalness and high quality! The market has already saturated with foods high in preservatives and other additives. A "pure product" is needed! So, your seeds are more relevant than ever! "- the exhibition’s visitor Simen Bay has expressed his opinion about the product.

"Stanichnye" AT PRODEXPO 2015

The international forum "Prodexpo" is the largest in Russia and Eastern Europe and the most authoritative annual event for the manufactures of food and drinks. It determines the development of the domestic food industry for over 20 years.

It was impossible for "Stanichnye" not to take part in it!

Participating in such an event is an excellent opportunity for manufacturers to express themselves and to confirm their status. Our company could not fail to take this opportunity.

The showroom of the "Stanichnye" was visited by a huge number of visitors, and they were delighted with it!

New business contacts and negotiations with Russian and foreign contractors, presentation of the new package of "Stanichnye" to the visitors were only a small part of the exhibition program.

The presentation of the new brand "Tambov wolf" was memorable for all the participants of the exhibition. All of them appreciated the bright unusual package and the unorthodox method to the product!

We can say confidently that the exhibition was a success for our company! We have confirmed not only the high quality level of our products, but also a high level of professionalism.

The report about "Stanichnye" at the exhibition (click to go to the overview).

Lipetsk celebrates birthday

On July 23, 2014 Lipetsk celebrated its 311th birthday!

More sunshine and smiles!

Any holiday is brighter with "Stanichnye"!

"Stanichnye" was not left behind!

Mass celebrations were held for 3 days: from 18 to 20 July. The events` program was extremely diverse: ranging from scientific conferences and festival of ethnic culture "Lipetsk settlement", and ending with a traditional concert and fireworks on the Peter the Great Square. In general, entertainment for all tastes!

Solar "Stanichnye" girls who were giving out townsfolk delicious "Stanichnye" seeds, their radiant smiles and high spirits gave a fuller taste of the holiday!

In the heart of Russia, with Russia in the heart!

On July 1 a unique automobile expedition "Russia" under the slogan "In the heart of Russia, with Russia in the Heart", organized by "Stanichnye" TM was started in Tambov.

The aim of the project - to demostrate the uniqueness of the location and the natural wealth of Tambov region.

The expedition took place in 14 zones of Tambov region and took place in 47 settlements. The total distance of the route was about 700 km. Participants also visited orphanages where they brought gifts from employees and students of the Technical University, and from "Stanichnye" TM.

"Colorful world of my emotions"

On March 5, 2014 "Stanichnye bayki" TM held a creative contest "The colorful world of my emotions" for the pupils of the "Children's Art School № 1". The task contestants were given was not simple. According to the rules of the contest no object had to be used, only color combinations to convey perception: the season of year, the emotions and concepts. 90 school pupils aged 6 to 12 participated in the contest. In total, the panel of judges received more than 150 compositions. It took 2 days to consider all the works and to reach a decision. But why all these empty figures? It is impossible to express all the emotions derived from the children's drawings!

1st place was awarded to 6 year old Eva Prokhorova, instructor Koroleva S.A., with the composition "The anticipation of the holiday." The winner was presented with a tablet computer and sweets from "Stanichnye".

    Two certificates and kits for records and sketches were also handed by "Stanichnyee" in the following categories:
  • "Just about the complex" - Konstantin Vinogradov, 8 years old, Instructor - Pasynkova O.A., with the composition "Dignity";
  • "Give me canvas and a brush ..." - Polina Rodina, 10 years old, Instructor - Pugacheva I.A. as a pupil, who presented the most creative work in the contest.

All the participants were presented with sweet prizes - delicious and healthy almonds "Stanichnye bayki."

Thanks to all participants! Continued success, new discoveries, and a positive perception of the world always! Special thanks to the administration of "Children's Art School № 1 in Tambov" and all of its teachers, as well as parents of participants!

"Stanichnye" was invited to supermarket`s "Uley" birthday

One of the major supermarkets in Tambov "Uley" celebrated its 10th anniversary on February 9, 2014! "Stanichnye" presented their delicious products as a gift!

The burning cold just finished and "Uley" invited tambov residents to the feast! All who came were offered hot tea and pancakes...

And no visitor on this day left the supermarket without a delicious gift from "Stanichnye"! sunflower seeds and sweet almonds, good communication and positive emotions - this is what was left on the minds of Tambov residents on Sunday 9 February!