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It is easy to produce a high quality product! It only requires fulfilling two conditions:
  • Follow the production technology strictly
  • Enjoy your work
We follow both of these rules!

On the stage of the cultivation of raw materials we began to monitor the quality of our products.

We purchase raw materials only from certified farms that use innovative technologies of cultivation and harvesting. The company's technologist controls accurately the growth process of sunflower so that the future raw material for "Stanichnye" sunflower seeds is of the highest quality. The unique technology of seed collection eliminates the possibility of damaging them, thus preserve all their vitamins and flavors.

Our specialists at the purchasing department select carefully only the best seeds for the production.

The laboratory technologists check carefully for compliance to the regulations before they accept raw materials.

So, raw material can be prepared for the production only after passing through the three control stages.

Then a series of 4 processes follow:

  1. grading;
  2. washing;
  3. frying;
  4. prepacking.

All of these processes also take place under full operating control.

Grading (also includes multilevel manual calibration) gives us certainty that you will find only smooth and large seeds in the packs with "Stanichnye" sunflower seeds!

The washing stage makes our sunflower seeds clean. They get a unique taste and flavor of roasted seeds during the frying process. The taste and flavor, which is impossible not to fall in love with!

Roasted sunflower seeds are packed on the newest equipment in bags made of polymer films with high barrier properties so that all the nutrients, flavor and taste come to you as if the seeds were fried just for you!

That's how we get a high quality product under THE TRADE MARK "STANICHNYE"!
Enjoy your meal!
sunflower seed processing